Frameless 8108 rotor and stator pair


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A matched frameless rotor and stator for an 8108 style hobby brushless motor.


  • Wound to 135kV
  • ID: 58.5mm
  • Width of mating surface: 8mm
  • Overall width: 15mm
  • OD: 81mm
  • Mass: 111.7g (with full length wires)
  • Wires: ~10cm insulated, 4cm tinned


  • Mass: 68.9g
  • Mounting surfaces:
    • Inside 8mm ID to mate with: Sun gear
    • Inside 15mm OD to mate with: 6802 bearing
    • Outside 15mm OD to mate with: 6708 bearing
    • 25mm diameter and 35mm diameter M3 bolt pattern
  • OD: 86.85mm
  • Overall Width: 21mm

These are the rotors and stators used in the moteus brushless servos.  They require you, the user, to build an enclosure that holds them rigidly in alignment.  The spacing between the magnets in the rotor and the stator is only about 0.13mm when properly assembled.

CAD drawing of rotor mounting surfaces: custom_rotor_5_20190828_1.pdf

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm